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6 Things to Do in New Orleans on Spring Break

Spring Break in New Orleans TG

Springtime in New Orleans brings a symphony of color, culture, and celebration. As the city wakes up from the winter chill, it bursts into a frenzy of festivals, music, and culinary delights. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned local, there’s always something new to discover in the Big Easy during this enchanting season. 

Here are six must-do activities to make the most of your springtime adventure in New Orleans:

1. Attend the Jazz and Heritage Festival

No visit to New Orleans during spring is complete without experiencing the world-renowned New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, affectionately known as Jazz Fest. Held annually in late April and early May, Jazz Fest celebrates Louisiana’s rich cultural heritage, featuring eclectic music, food, and art lineup. From jazz and blues to R&B and Rock n’ Roll, the festival showcases the diverse sounds of the region across multiple stages. Sample delicious local cuisine, browse the vibrant arts and crafts market, and dance the day away to artists such as Chris Stapele

2. Explore City Park

Embrace the beauty of springtime in New Orleans with a leisurely stroll through City Park, one of the country’s largest and most picturesque urban parks. Admire the blooming tulips, azaleas, and magnolias as you wander along winding pathways, or enjoy an authentic, Venetian gondola ride and cruise the serene waters of the park’s lagoons. 

For the best and low-maintenance experience, opt to have a picnic at the park. Also, don’t miss the enchanting Botanical Garden, where you’ll find a stunning collection of native and exotic plants, including colorful orchids and fragrant roses. With lush greenery and tranquil surroundings, City Park offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

3. Indulge in Crawfish Season

Springtime in New Orleans means one thing for food lovers: crawfish season. Head to one of the city’s many seafood joints or outdoor boils and feast on spicy boiled crawfish seasoned to perfection with a blend of herbs and spices. Join locals as they gather around communal tables, cracking open shells and savoring the tender, succulent meat inside. Whether you prefer them spicy or mild, crawfish boils are a quintessential New Orleans dining experience to be noticed during the spring months. The best crawfish can be found at Frankie & Johnny’s, Clesi’s Seafood Restaurant and Catering, Cajun Seafood, or if you’re lucky – in a local’s backyard!

4. Take a Swamp Tour

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Louisiana Bayou with a swamp tour just outside of New Orleans. Spring is the perfect time to explore these mysterious wetlands, teeming with wildlife and lush vegetation. Hop aboard an airboat or flat-bottomed boat and glide through the swamps and marshes, looking for alligators, turtles, and exotic bird species. Learn about the unique ecosystem of the bayou from knowledgeable local guides, who will regale you with tales of Cajun folklore and the area’s rich history.

5. Experience French Quarter Fest

Celebrate the spirit of New Orleans’ historic French Quarter at the annual French Quarter Festival, held each April. Unlike its more famous counterpart, Jazz Fest, French Quarter Fest focuses exclusively on local music and cuisine, with over 20 stages featuring live performances by jazz, blues, and funk artists across the city. Sample authentic Creole and Cajun dishes from some of New Orleans’ top restaurants, and explore the charming streets of the French Quarter, alive with music, art, and culture.

6. Join a Second Line Parade

Experience the joy of a traditional New Orleans second line parade. This beloved tradition dates back over a century and typically takes place every Sunday. These lively processions, characterized by brass bands, colorful umbrellas, and spirited dancing, are a quintessential part of the city’s cultural heritage. Second line parades throughout New Orleans during spring, celebrating everything from weddings and birthdays to community events and festivals. Join in the fun and dance through the streets with the locals as the infectious rhythms of the brass band fill the air.

Hop Aboard City Sightseeing’s Double-Decker Buses

Springtime in New Orleans brings a vibrant energy to the city, and there’s no better way to soak it all in than by hopping aboard City Sightseeing’s iconic double-decker buses. Embrace the city’s rich culture, fascinate your taste buds with their local cuisine, and immerse yourself in the lively rhythms of jazz.